The Flying Fish pension - fishing

The Belobresca - Divici - Bazias zone is the best for fishing because the water levels are the lowest in the valley of Danube, owing to the Portile de Fier hydro dam (fishing accesible whit boats).

Facilitations for the tourists fishermans
1. Cupboard for the fishing outfit
2. Freezer for the preservation fish grasped
3. Table for the reconditioning and changing fishing holders.

Depending on season, we can grasp crucian, carp, slumber, pike perch, luce.

We ask you to free the fishes grasped which by-pathes below the legal sizes (foreseed in the fishing licence) because is shall refused their freezing.

Places for fishing:
Divici Swamp and Belobresca Island
Calinovat Island
The Blue Rock
La Pietre
La Americanu
Radimna Swamp
Ilie’ s Swamp